“A highly enjoyable watch. One of the finest examples of independent filmmaking we’ve seen in years.”

- Matthew Eeles, Cinema Australia

"Lazybones, the kind of little indie comedy/drama that you really hope catches on because, well, it's just the kind of film that needs to be seen." 

- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

Feature film, 81 mins

Written and Directed by Michael Jones
Written and Produced by Caitlin Farrugia

Staring Jackson Tozer, Fabiana Weiner, Troy Larkin, Eva Seymour, Tegan Crowley, Maude Davey and Francis Greenslade

Ben, a wannabe stand up comedian in Melbourne, doesn’t live for the weekend like the O’Jays hit song, in fact he finds that philosophy kinda depressing. Spending most of his life on the stage, in his Uber and hanging out with his friends, he floats through life wondering - is there more to this?


© Caitlin Farrugia